We’re delighted that you’ve discovered Homepage. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about this website.

First came the Need…

The Internet is a magical place. The freedom of choice, the possibilities and the vast amount of information it provides makes one wonder how did we ever do without it.

Just when we thought we have figured out this ocean of knowledge and information we realize that we’ve barely scratched the surface. So much Information, so much to do and so little time.

The Internet needs to be discovered. But at home or at school, at work or on the move, how can we ever find enough time to do it all quickly and easily. How can we make it more convenient for ourselves to find not only what we are looking for but to go beyond and discover new things through new sites. In a fast paced digital world of mobile devices we need more than just the ‘apps’ that we know of. We need a hub, a place where things are ready for us so we don’t have to search for them. A page on the Internet that would make us feel at home. If it makes our lives easier and saves us time, why not?

…then came the Idea

With these thoughts came the idea of creating a very simple form of web browser where some of the Internet’s most popular websites in different categories are already on the display and can easily be accessed by just clicking on their logo. We think if this page deserves to be called ‘homepage’ then it needs to be:

1.) very simple in design
2.) visual, not too much reading
3.) organized
4.) not too crowded
5.) easy to use
6.) easy on the eyes
7.) not too much scrolling up and down
8.) colorful
9.) to the point with useful information and links
10.) mobile friendly

While similar ideas have already been introduced to the web we could not find any website that would satisfy all 10 criteria. So we decided to make it ourselves. The domain name homepage.org was acquired and after more than a dozen different templates we came up with the design that you see.

Homepage was born

Homepage.org went live on February 9th, 2013 as a single page website without a logo and had only 30 web site links. An 18 page navigation bar was then added to introduce different categories. This brought up the total number of web site links to 540. The goal of the web site was quite simple: we wanted to help people around the world browse and discover the Internet quicker and easier.

Next time you’re waiting at an airport or sitting at a café with friends give Homepage.org a try. It’s fast, easy and fun. Some of the sites you want to visit are already here, just click on them. Especially if you’re on the move you may find Homepage very useful. On your phone, tablet or laptop no need to search or type anything, just click!

We are going to make Homepage bigger and better. This is just the beginning.

While we recognize the websites featured on Homepage.org are limited to only 20 per category by no means this should be interpreted as limiting the web. It is merely just a suggestion, that’s all. Remember, you need to discover the Internet. It’s up to you.